Try your hand at 5v5 ultimate at our newest fields by Nanpu Bridge, held every Wednesday 8-10pm.

Metro: Nanpudaqiao Station (Line 4), Exit 1

Contact Seven (WeChat: 51642669) and jump below for more information.

From Seven (November 22, 2017)

相信大家已经都去南浦大桥下的场地参加过SUPA组织的pickup 了,非常漂亮的环境,最好的场地。


I believe lots of people have played the pickup organized by SUPA at Nanpu bridge and have found out how amazing the field is.

To promote frisbee and give people more playing choices, I’ve personally applied for fields on Wednesdays – same location but different fun. I will run 5V5 system, which means more chances to touch the disc, more playing time, and more fun.This Wednesday (Novemer 22) is the first time for starting. I will also make this Wednesday frisbee time as a traditional annual event. Come out to check. For any questions, please feel free to contact me.