Huwa (Mixed)

1/25/2016: Want to try out for Huwa 2017? Find more information here, register, and mark the date: Saturday, March 4 from 10am-2pm!

Huwa is proud to be the longest active club team in mainland China and has been playing in international tournaments throughout Asia since 1999. While our roster has many nationalities, all of them call Shanghai home, especially our most senior member who helped found the team.

Our present team goal is to develop the Shanghai ultimate community. We also aim to always compete at a high level, both domestically and internationally.



shanghai huwa ultimate frisbee open 2016


Upcoming Tournaments
September 10-11: Beijing Bowl
October 15-16: Hong Kong Pan-Asia
November 18-20: Manila Spirits

Tournament Results
Shanghai Open: Champions
China Nationals: Champions
Nanjing Open: Champions