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Shanghai Open 2013

Dates: May 31-June 2
LocationSRFC in Shanghai
Cost: RMB150 (May 31); RMB600 (June 1-2)

This is a three-day tournament. Friday will be for a one-day men’s and women’s tournament (RMB150). We are projecting 6-8 teams for men’s; women’s is light on signups right now but even if we don’t get numbers we will have something lined up–likely a full-day clinic with Miranda Roth and a showcase game.

For mixed (RMB600; 4/3 guy/girl ratio), we are anticipating 24 teams, with A, B and C divisions. Sign up deadline is March 31. Email geoffgng (at) gmail to register.

Visas: Free for Singaporean, Japanese and Brunei(!?) passport holders, otherwise you will have to arrange one beforehand (please double-check this with your embassy; rules change often and without warning). There is also a loophole for a 72-hour visa for foreigners if you’re transiting through Shanghai–meaning that you must have a ticket going from home -> SH -> another country. More detailed research is here but all information provided on this site this is unofficial so please do your own research before deciding what course to take with your visa.

Hotels: Check out tourney hotels here. It’s also possible to camp out on the fields for free (but please email ahead). Buses will take players from the tourney hotels to the fields.

Party: On the field, some booze will be provided Sat night, lots more will flow on Sunday afternoon. Stay tuned for party theme.

Free Agents: Email me at geoffgng (at) gmail

Questions? Feel free to get in touch anytime at geoffgng (at) gmail

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