Your friendly TD here with a few more details about the 15th annual Shanghai Open.

We’ve booked the fields and are working all the details right now; here’s what you need to know.

Dates: May 31-June 2
LocationSRFC in Shanghai
Cost: RMB100 (May 31); RMB600 (June 1-2)

Here’s the basic outline for the weekend.

Thursday Night
Registration party for Friday! Details TBA

Friday will be a one-day men’s and women’s single-sex tournament. For men’s team bids, please message me or Dax Haas.  To sign up for women’s (hat), message me. A high school tournament will also be held on this day.
RMB100 includes lunch and fields.

Friday Night
Registration party at the Big Bamboo. RMB55 pasta buffet, RMB30 beers and standard drinks. Captains’ meeting at 9:30pm.

Saturday and Sunday
RMB600 includes two breakfasts and lunches, one dinner, party, play, beer both afternoons and a disc. Players will also get two drinks redeemable anytime (gatorade, cocktails at the party, etc). RMB350 for students. Spectators may enter for free but may not bring their own food and drink. RMB225 (RMB150 Sat/RMB75 Sun) for spectators to be put on the same food/drinks/party package as the players.

Saturday Night
Party! The theme is sexy zoo and the party will be held at the fields. Dress up!

Beers flow all afternoon, finals will be over by 5pm

Assorted Notes
-Water will be provided all weekend
-Camping on the fields is free from Thursday to Saturday night. Washrooms and showers will remain open all nights but please bring you own tents, sleeping bags, etc.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Visas: Free for Singaporean, Japanese and Brunei(!?) passport holders, otherwise you will have to arrange one beforehand (please double-check this with your embassy; rules change often and without warning). There is also a loophole for a 72-hour visa for foreigners if you’re transiting through Shanghai–meaning that you must have a ticket going from home -> SH -> another country.

Hotels: We will have group rates worked out. Stay tuned. It’s also possible to camp out on the fields for free like last year.

Party: On the field, some booze will be provided Sat night, lots more will flow on Sunday afternoon. Stay tuned for party theme.

Basically, it’s the same deal as last year. Our field costs have gone up a bit, but we’re playing on some of the best fields in Asia–it’ll be worth it.

Questions? Feel free to get in touch anytime at geoffgng (at) gmail

***This year’s party theme will be “Sexy Zoo.” Start planning now, get sexy and get creative. Those that show up without a costume will be mauled/molested by the sexy zoo animals.***