Report from WUGC London, Part III


Without any more games for our team, Friday was mostly about trading jerseys and watching games.

周五一早,领队Ken Su就提醒大家今天要把自己的队服都带上去和其他队的人交换。经过了一周的比赛已经瞄上的队服终于可以开始去换啦。

Our captain Ken Su reminded us on Friday morning to bring our jerseys if we wanted to trade. After a week of games, we had all been eyeing certain jerseys and now we finally had the chance to trade for them.

supa worlds wugc team china jersey trading

(My teammate Jannie traded 1-for-1 for a couple of flashy jerseys: South Africa and India’s entire outfit, Dubai’s jersey, and Italy’s shorts)


My experience from this week is that if you have something that you really love, don’t be shy – start asking early! Generally speaking, everyone trades for the same type of jersey: long-sleeved for long-sleeved,  color for color. But not all trades are necessarily like that. The Team China jerseys are red short-sleeves with an awesome design, and a couple days ago, we already had players coming up to ask if anyone would be willing to trade, but the jerseys I really wanted were the Swiss dark and the Netherlands shorts. On Friday morning, I went up to a group of Swiss girls on the sidelines to ask. It turns out that the dark jersey I wanted was a long-sleeved, so technically I should be using one of my long-sleeved jerseys to trade for it, but the girl said she didn’t really care, so I used my red short-sleeved to trade for the dark Swiss long-sleeved jersey that I really liked. Best of all, the number on the Swiss jersey is the number I usually have! That proves that my choice was a good one. A lot of people were asking for the Swiss dark jersey on Friday afternoon, but by that time, they were either all traded off, or the players were asking for long-sleeved jerseys in return.

worlds wugc ultimate jersey trade team china

(Everyone laid out their jerseys and walked around to see which ones they liked)

team china wugc london ultimate jersey

(Sunny from Hong Kong is trying to trade off his jerseys to people)


You can go up to the person with the jersey you want and do a trade right there, or you can lay out all your jerseys (the smarter way).

很多人来的时候除了带自己国家队的衣服也会带一些其它的衣服短裤甚至帽子等配件来。 闲暇的时候就在场边把各自的宝贝一件件摆出来。周围有人过来你们就可以商量拿什么交换。这个的好处就是很多时候你会用一些比赛或者队伍的衣服换到国家队的服装。大家也都不扭捏,看好了直接脱掉当场交换。比如这次,我用2个国内飞盘队伍的裤子和一件国内飞盘队伍的上衣分别换到了奥地利国家队和瑞典国家队的短裤,还有一件新加坡俱乐部的上衣。

When people were looking to trade, they would bring their own nationals jerseys, along with other jerseys, shorts, and hats. We’d lay out the best of our stuff during our down time, and you could negotiate with people as they came looking for jerseys. The upside of this is that you could use regular tournament jerseys to trade for other people’s national jerseys. People weren’t too shy either to just take off their jersey and trade it right there with you. This time, for instance, I traded 2 shorts and 1 jersey from local (Chinese) teams for the Austrian national jersey, the Swede national shorts, and a Singaporean club jersey.


There was one New Zealand girl who had wanted to trade for the China jersey three days earlier, but she just wasn’t able to trade for it and didn’t bring any more jerseys to offer. She started panicking and asked if she could just buy it, but my thought was that if you could just use money to buy it, then the jersey loses its meaning. In the end, she went about it in a roundabout way, trading her jersey for a France jersey and then using that France jersey to get the China jersey.

wugc london ultimate party team china

(Everyone was having a good time on the party bus, and some people had already started drinking)


There were some exciting games lined up for Saturday, but many teams had already finished playing by Friday, and Friday night was the night of the closing ceremony party. It was held in an auditorium, but the lighting gave it more of a club feel. You could see people boarding the shuttle buses to the party as soon as you stepped outside the hotel, and the buses ran continuously between the hotel and the party. Everyone was worried that drinks at the party would be expensive, so people started buying lots of alcohol off the street. Every bus was jam-packed with people, and there were a lot of people singing on our bus.

wugc london ultimate worlds party

wugc ultimate london party


Since we didn’t have any more games, we figured we would go all out. It was an awesome atmosphere at the party, and it got everyone excited as we entered the party. There was lots of jumping around and dancing, singing and yelling. If you didn’t enjoy the packed, hot mess on the dance floor, you could always go to the 2nd floor and rest on the couch area, having drinks and chatting with people. Whatever is was, the point was for everyone to have a good time.

wugc london ultimate party

(The party was all about having a good time!)

周六的就是最后一天的决赛了,场地和平时比赛的场地不同,这次换到了一个很大的体育场里。 有专业的大屏幕和完善的硬件设施。 上午先是混合组决赛,下午是女子组和男子组的决赛。

Saturday was the last day of Worlds, and it was held at a different venue than the rest of the tournament. This time it was at a massive stadium, complete with large screens and professional equipment set-up. The mixed finals were in the morning, and the women’s and open’s division finals were in the afternoon.

wugc ultimate 2016 london finals

这次美国队又是三只队伍都进入决赛了,看台上的大家虽然很佩服美国队强大的实力然而似乎更期待其他队伍能挑战美国队。所以在现场无论美国队打哪只队伍,大部分观众都是在给另外一只队伍加油。尤其在美国打日本的时候,老外们操着带口音大喊Nippon Nippon,还跟着日本队的cheers有韵律的鼓掌。我后面有一个小哥只要日本一得分就兴奋的大声唱歌。

The three US teams all made it into the finals again. Looking around, I felt like although there was a great deal of respect for the strength of the US teams, a lot of people were hoping to see another team that could challenge them. At the stadium, everyone was cheering for the team playing against the US, no matter who that was. All the foreigners were loudly shouting “Nippon Nippon” during the US-Japan game (open’s division) and cheering along with the Japanese team. I had a guy sitting behind me who would sing loudly every time the Japanese team scored.

虽然对于比赛结果来说美国包揽了各个三个组别的冠军有点无趣。但是不得不佩服美国强大的实力。正是因为他们的强大才让其他国家有要变的更加强大的动力。 每一个组别的决赛打完后都会举行颁奖典礼。美国的国歌也就三次响彻Allianz Park 球场。作为一名女子飞盘手,当看到美国队的姑娘们身披国旗听着自己国家的国歌奏起,那种自豪感我都深深被打动了。我想到了自己在上海的女子队,作为中国第一支女队,我们去年成立,也一直在努力希望提高我们的水平。多么希望有朝一日我们也能让中国国歌在世界赛上响起。

Although it was a little boring to see the US sweeping the divisions, you can’t help but respect their strength. It’s exactly because of how good they are that they allow other national teams to become even better. The awards ceremony followed after each finals, and the US national anthem resonated throughout Allianz Park three times. As a female player, I saw the American players draped in their flag and listening to their national anthem being played, and even I felt a deep sense of pride. I thought of my women’s team in Shanghai, China’s first women’s team that we formed last year, and our hopes for raising our level of playing. I hope that one day, we too can be the reason that the Chinese national anthem is played on the Worlds stage.

wugc ultimate london awards

wugc allianz london 2016 ultimate


A week seems long but flew by quickly. I met up with a lot of old friends but am also happy to have met all of my teammates that I played and fought alongside. Through all the games, I also met a number of new people, but before long, everyone was scattering to go their separate ways.


2016 Worlds in London may be over, but ultimate will always be there.


No matter the place, no matter the time, we all know that ultimate will bring everyone together.


Let’s go, China ultimate!


Report from WUGC London, Part III