Register for Spring League 2017! 春季联赛现在开始报名啦!

Update (2/16/2017): Spring league registration is now closed. For questions, please email us at

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Spring league will run from February 20 to May 22 primarily on Monday nights at Jingan Workers’ Stadium from 8-10pm. 春季联赛将于2月20日进行到5月22日,地点为星期一晚上的静安人工体育馆,8点到10点。


We want to hear from you! 我们希望进一步了解你们的想法!

- Last fall saw a biweekly league for the first time, but Saturday attendance was shaky. As SUPA continues to grow and field space remains limited, we want to hear from players about 1hr/week games vs. 2hr/2week games. 去年秋季联赛,我们第一次尝试了每周2次(队伍轮流)的赛制,但是我们发现周六的比赛出席率比较低。一方面SUPA在不断壮大,另一方面我们的场地空间有限,我们在此想知道大家对于赛制的想法,是偏向于每周都有比赛,但是比赛是1小时,还是更喜欢每2周一次比赛,但是比赛是2小时呢?

- Does a league workshop or potential Saturday league interest you? Let us know in the reg form! 你是否会对联赛培训班或者额外的周六联赛感兴趣呢?请大家在报名链接中填写。

- Please note that only Alipay or bank transfers are available for payment. WeChat Pay will NOT be accepted. 请注意,我们现在只接受支付宝或者银行转账的付款方式,而不接受微信支付。(可能会给给你带来不便,但是,请大家理解和配合)

Registration for SUPA Spring League 2017: 表现字己 is now open! To register, please scan the QR code below. Registration ends February 4! SUPA的春季联赛:表现字己,现在开始报名了!请识别一下的三维吗进行报名,报名截止日期为2月4号


Remember: Registration is NOT the same as payment. It doesn’t count until you pay! Early bird payment ends February 5. 请注意:填写报名表之后要付款才算报名完成哦,如果你想享受早鸟价格,请在2月5号以前付款!

Register for Spring League 2017! 春季联赛现在开始报名啦!