RECAP: China’s First Women’s Tournament

This is a guest article by Xing, one of the founders and co-captains of Sirens. For more photos from the tournament, head here. 中文请往下流览,更多图片请点此。

Shanghai Sirens, who began organizing trainings in December of last year, selected an A and B squad in June to begin training for the August Women’s tournament.

Day 1: Played the first game against Dalian, second against Shenzhen, both of which had large margins of victory. The third game was against Taiwan Coin, who we were really looking forward to playing. Because they brought only 9 players to the tournament, they put a very poachy defense on us. They began the game with a lead on us, but after we were able to catch up to 7-6, they scored on a contested huck to finish the game at 8-6. Even though the loss was difficult to take, we were the only ones to score higher than 3 points against them all weekend.

Sirens women's ultimate Shanghai frisbee SUPA

Day 2: The first game of Sunday was against Fujian, who we solved at the end of day 1 after a huck-filled match. Sunday’s game was a smooth victory, except for the last point, which was a 20-minute marathon point that drained the energy of about half our team. This was a big problem because we were playing HK, and had only 10 minutes of rest to prepare for the game. Despite looking forward to playing this game, they put a junk defense on us that we weren’t able to solve until the second half of the game, finishing us off with a final score of 11-2, knocking us out of the finals. That put us in a game for 3rd place against Beijing. The temperature had now peaked, and there were a lot of calls, but it went down to universe point, which we scored to take the game 5-4.

Shanghai Sirens ultimate women's tournament SUPA

The whole team improved a lot and each player learned something new that they couldn’t do before. But the team is still young, and will have to learn to both improve their skills and perseverance through difficult emotional games. So, in the end, Sirens finished 3rd overall, and won the spirit award. Sky won Sirens’ best newcomer award; Xing was in the Mythical 7; and Kat was given Sirens’ MVP award. The tournament showed that women’s ultimate is starting to take shape in China. Sirens will continue to be a big part of it and will keep working hard to improve their standing!

Sirens women's ultimate frisbee SUPA shanghai

12月开始成队,赛前2个月开始队伍战术训练,和高强度体能训练。比赛一天首先打了大连,深圳,都以很大的比分优势战胜了 第三场 是我们最期待的台湾coin, 他们人少 战术上聪明 刚开始他们放了一个很poachy防守 把我们一下打得有点不知所措 之后我们慢慢调整 把分数敢上去了7-6,最后8分比赛结束 我们太多失误 显露出不扎实的基础 台湾以一个huck结束了比赛 最后8-6 但我们也成了唯一在台湾手下拿下高于3分的队伍 最后一场打了福建 第二天第一场也是福建 最后一分不停的失误 炎热的天气 导致大家体力不支 脱了29分钟才能得分 只有10分钟的休息时间就要打香港,hk摆出了zone和junk defense 我们一直破不了 最后比分11-2 无缘决赛 之后和beijing 3/4名 最炎热的节气 打得很辛苦 场上很多calls 最后universal point 5-4 得到第三名 整个比赛大家个人都超常 做了很多以前做不到的表现 但队伍磨合还很稚嫩 面对不同情况的心态调节和处理还有待提高 最后sirens得到了最佳spirit 第三名 sky获最佳新人 Kat MVP xing最佳7人 比赛展现了女生拥有的拼净 未来sirens还会继续出战 积累更多经验。

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RECAP: China’s First Women’s Tournament