SUPA Marvel Mondays: Playoffs Start Tonight!

SUPA Spring League Marvel Mondays 2016
SUPA Spring League Marvel Mondays 2016

Marvel Monday’s Power Pool Playoffs begin tonight! It’ll be an exciting month of intense match-ups, ending with the final on May 30th, which EVERY team still has a shot at.


Let’s take a look at the standings after seven rounds of play.

我们先来看一下季前赛结束后队伍排名的状况吧 (W胜-L负-D平):

  1. Hulk (6-0-1)
  2. Iron Man (5-0-2)
  3. Quicksilver (4-2-1)
  4. Black Widow (3-2-2)
  5. Dr Doom (3-4-0)
  6. Deadpool (2-5-0)
  7. Punisher (1-5-1)
  8. Lady Deathstrike (0-6-1)

This means that the two power pools will be as follows:



  1. Hulk
  2. Black Widow
  3. Dr Doom
  4. Lady Deathstrike


  1. Iron Man
  2. Quicksilver
  3. Deadpool
  4. Punisher

Schedule for the upcoming three weeks:


Please everyone take note that there will be no pick-ups allowed at all in the playoffs. This means that if your team cannot produce a full team of seven players (with at least TWO GIRLS), then you will forfeit the game.

请大家一定要注意,季后赛期间不允许队伍收任何pick up!也就是说,凑不出七个人(最起码两个女生)的队伍,这一场比赛就自动输。

Look forward to seeing everyone out there!