Update (10/5/2015)

Disc In – Stalling 1

There is no Monday night league games tonight. However, we will be having a special Holiday pickup game from 6-8pm at the Jingan fields! Free for league players, 50/35 RMB (adults/students) for all others. See you there! 今晚六点在静安工人体育场有飞盘。大家来玩!

Stalling 2

Saturday pick-up at the SCSC is ON for the following Saturdays: Oct. 17, 24, 31; Nov. 7, 21.

If there is extremely bad weather or another unforseen conflict arises, we will message the SUPA group the night before. If ten people commit regardless of weather or conflict, pick-up is on. Don’t back out Saturday morning.

Oct. 10; Nov. 14, 28 are tournament weekends.
People in town are free to try to rally numbers for pickup on the SUPA group, but should be aware that many players will be out of town those Saturdays.

周六的SCSC的练习将会一直持续,欢迎大家参与:十月的17, 24,31号;11月的7, 21号.



Stalling 3

Current Fall League Standings

  1. Owen’s 飞饼队 3-0.
  2. Luke’s 打酱油队 2-0
  3. TW Dave’s 臭豆腐队 1-1.
  4. Curtis’ 小笼包队 1-2
  5. Sacha’s 干锅护蛙队 1-2
  6. Aussie Dave’s 狮子头队 0-3

Hope to see a lot of you at pick-up tonight! If you have any questions or concerns please send us a message and we will get back to you ASAP.