Update (10/19/2015)

Fall League games are on tonight at Jingan Worker’s Stadium.

Tonight’s match-ups

  1. Luke’s 打酱油队 vs Sacha’s 干锅护蛙队
  2. Curtis’ 小笼包队 vs TW Dave’s 臭豆腐队

Current Fall League Standings

  1. Luke’s 打酱油队 3-0
  2. Owen’s 飞饼队 3-1
  3. TW Dave’s 臭豆腐队 2-1
  4. Curtis’ 小笼包队 1-2
  5. Sacha’s 干锅护蛙队 1-2
  6. Aussie Dave’s 狮子头队 0-4

Hope to see a lot of you at league tonight! If you have any questions or concerns please send us a message and we will get back to you ASAP.