Fall League Wrap-Up

Psycho Psyducks upset Mystic Mewtwo last night in finals to take fall league championships, 13-9; watch the full game here! Thanks to Eva for filming.

Finals MVPs: Pei (Mewtwo) and Parham (Psyducks)

Most Spirited: Mystic Mewtwo




Final Team Standings

  1. Psycho Psyducks
  2. Mystic Mewtwo
  3. Hungry Hungry Haunters
  4. Poached Pikachu
  5. Zippy Zubats
  6. Potty Pangoro
  7. Chilly Chillarmy
  8. Disc Dittos




Full leaderboard and statistics can be found here.



Results can be found here.


Schedule and Scores

Find the whole season’s results here.

Fall League Wrap-Up